Regular tunings protect against extra work or repairs in the future. Most piano manufacturers recommend for general maintenance, a tuning every 6 months. Some manufacturers recommends even four times a year for their pianos.

Pitch Raise

In some cases where the piano hasn't been tuned for a number of years it most likely will need a pitch raise depending on a number of factors.


Sometimes as a piano ages the felt hammers that strikes the strings hardens over time and the tone changes to a harsher or brighter tone that some people find undesirable. The Hammer needs to be voiced or softened with needles.

Action Regulation

The feel and touch of  the piano keys is determined by the regulation of the action. If you are having trouble with the action, this is something that can be easily remedied.

Action Repair

There are a number of action parts that can break or wear out that need replaced from time to time in order for the piano work properly.

Keytop Repair

Keytops chip and discolor and need to be replaced. Sometimes its for cosmetic reasons other times the chips or breaks in the tops can leave sharp edges that can cause cuts in the fingers and hands.

Insurance Appraisals

If you need an appraisal for insurance purposes.

We have an excellent reputation  as a concert tuner in the major performance venues in the Phoenix Metro area,  performing service on many types and brands of Pianos and  Harpsichords.

We repair all manners of problems in the Piano action. We offer Keytop Repair  or Recovering with white plastic keytops. We offer Action Rebuilding.

We offer Restringing, the Strings we use are manufactured by Schaff Piano Supply Company in Chicago. Bass Strings are custom-measured and manufactured for each and every piano which we rebuild. Please note that a paper template is made of the hitch pins, bridge pins and  agraffes of each piano. That pattern is then shipped to the Schaff Company, so  that they can create the new bass strings based upon the speaking lengths of the  individual piano.

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Services Offered

We perform tunings for Private Customers, Schools and Churches on both Pianos and Harpsichords. We service pianos for a number of Piano Music Instructors in the Valley of the Sun; if you need a teacher referral please contact us.

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