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I have been Tuning pianos for over 29 years. I started working on pianos with my Dad " Denzil Holman" at the  age of eleven. I started working for Sherman Clay Pianos in 1987. In 1993 I started to work for Washburn Pianos in addition to Sherman Clay. Washburn Pianos had a store in Anchorage, Alaska where there is a shortage of Piano Technicians.  During several sales 1998-2001 the company sent me up to Alaska to work on the  pianos to prepare them for the sales. My Hobby is Photography so what a  privilege, I will be putting some my photos up soon. Over the years I have tuned  pianos for many artists concerts, including Ray Charles, Bill Gaither, Donna Summer, John  Denver, Manhattan Transfer, B.B. King, Johnny Mathis, among others. In addition  I have tuned for several performing arts venues here in Phoenix and I regularly  tune the Harpsichord for The Phoenix Symphony.

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